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Meet Sol (they/them)! You can find them on Sundays, in charge of the groovy tunes.

Sol Dressa was raised in the PNW. They gained exposure to a lot of the different health disparities and issues surrounding place-based equity. Their initial exposure was during the early 2000s; there were DEQ reports of cadmium in their NE Portland neighborhood from a glass company nearby. They understood how our environment affects individual health at a young age, especially in low-income BIPOC communities.

As a public health student, they became interested in the intersection between public health, racial, and economic justice. They saw how accessibility, historical narratives, and racist dynamics influence our social and physical infrastructure. Sol believes in grassroots organizing and the power of community building. They are excited to collaborate with PBFS, an organization mobilized by the community for the community, addressing food access to create a more equitable and sustainable food system.

Sol is a park nerd who loves a good vegan miso tahini cookie. You can find them rollerskating around on weekends.

We appreciate your help Sol!

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