Plant Based Food Share

“I am in shock and wow, can’t thank you enough! Last week was the first fruit in the house in almost two months and this week; a miracle. I’m speechless and at midnight I sleep with a huge smile knowing your food box changed us today and I could not be more grateful!”

         --  PBFS family box recipient and mother of two autistic children

Plant Based Food Share gave our first plant-based food boxes on March 30, 2020 at Cafe Red in South Seattle. We came together to help ease the burdens brought on by COVID, but we have big dreams. Since then, we have given out over a thousand boxes full of fresh produce and grains, with masks and hand sanitizer. We are constantly expanding our mission of feeding our friends and neighbors in need and eventually want to become a community resource with our own space for educational classes about health, gardening, and plant-based cooking.

PBFS serves low-income, underserved urban communities who live in food deserts and includes: African American, Latinx, & BlPOC children, families, elders, and domestic violence victims. We provide food boxes with organic produce, pantry essentials, and fresh baked goods, and culturally relevant, prepared meals. We do this work as a way to heal our communities, to inspire community, and to encourage healthy lifestyles for those that are underserved and have historically been unable to grow their own food or access healthy foods. 

Executive Director
Ariel Bangs

Ariel Bangs is a NY Born mother, partner, chef, herbalist, culinary anthropologist, entrepreneur, non-profit director, mentor, innovator, food community activist, and healer through food.

Her culinary creations honor traditions, healing and using ingredients exploring the vast global cultures, focusing on South and Central Americas, East Africa to the Mediterranean. Ariel’s passion is also inspired by the tastes and flavors of her childhood. Growing up in a multi-cultural family and in multicultural communities where food culture and caring for one another was the norm, her imagination, love, fearlessness, power, and science comes through not only in her food, but in her everyday interactions with people. Sharing her laughter, importance for community, ability to teach others leadership, and the importance of it, passion for cooking and inspiring the younger generation. Ariel has developed and continues to build community and fight systematic oppression through her three endeavors, Taste International, Healthy Creations and Plant Based Food Share.

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