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Food Justice

What is it?

Food justice is a movement in response to the inequities that developed from food insecurity and economic factors that prevent access to healthy, fresh, locally sourced food.


Generations of profit-driven agricultural practices, racially biased policy and investment, disregard for environmental impacts across the food system, and systemic manipulations that have turned our vital resource for life into a commodity.

Taking Action

We are working to remove the barriers to food justice, including equitable sourcing, knowledge sharing, and opportunities to engage with our local food system first hand. At Plant Based Food Share, this journey begins with a box. In it, we share complimentary locally sourced fresh food like vegetables from like Alvarez Farms or fruits Pacific Coast Harvest.


We offer supporting resources to understand the story behind the items in their box. With a vision of intertwine healthy, fresh foods with your routine, your hobbies, your community, and beyond.

We do this work as a way to heal and inspire our community; to encourage healthy lifestyles for those that are underserved and have historically been ostracized from fresh food systems.


Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Right to Food Unit. Right to Food Questions and Answers. 2007

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