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Reflections: Goodbye to July

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

Today @plantbasedfoodshares had such a beautiful day, every day at Plant Based Food Share is beautiful! We had @culinary_cartel and @soupisloveseattle continue to inspire our new and existing team members.

Michelle, Christin, Allyson and Matt two of our leads from our Procurement leadership team implemented new procedures, protocols and trained new members and were very inspiring!

The words 'nurturing', 'inspiring', 'love' and 'best food ever' kept being said with our team and recipients, it’s is so heart warming, I’m telling ya!

We are all so excited about the new changes!

We also welcomed A few community members that wanted to support. They came through intrigued and left inspired and excited!

We also were blessed with past recipients that now have joined our team and shared their stories and I will say this….be loving to others because you will never know someone’s path unless they share it and kindness, compassion, smiles, love, community and connection is the path to happiness!

Thank you to everyone that is sharing their journey’s with us! Thank you everyone that gives their time, money, energy and beautiful hearts!

You are all inspiring and loved! Thankful for our beautiful funders, partners, donors, volunteers and supporters! We are so thankful for you!

Linked below are a few photos of today! You all are beautiful blessings!

- Ariel Bangs

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