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A New Year Ahead!

A Note from Founder Ariel Bangs

These first few days of 2023 have been inspiring, informative and motivational! I’ve been appreciating the rainy days and learning about the impacts that the communities surrounding us from Astoria to Bellingham! We have been in community with thousands of people in 2022, and more in 2023. Our reach includes 10 public schools, 4 homeschools, a dozen day care centers, 3 cultural elder centers and 2 hospitals! To top it off we now are in community with over 30 cultures that sign up for PBFS boxes weekly and many more that reach out to us regularly with needs.

Due to the funding support we have received we were able to support families with many other necessities in addition to our fresh food boxes.

I want to take this time to thank you for being part of this choosing Plant Based Food Share family! This important work we all are doing together for one another, our community and setting these extraordinary examples for youth, the community and those we have yet to meet is so POWERFUL! It brings tears to my eyes talking to our members and hearing how the boxes have impacted their lives.

For some, this is the only fresh food they have access to, and our volunteers are often the only face-to-face interaction some recipients have in a week. Trust that your support and positivity is having a direct impact on the individuals we serve and is changing lives for the better.

This year has so many great possibilities for us all as a community and the communities we serve! As we grow and continue to do this work together to impact lives, I wanted to take this time to thank you for being a donor, partner, and supporter to Plant Based Food Share!


Ariel Bangs

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