Plant-Based Food - For Everyone.


Plant Based Food Share was founded to close the gap in access to fresh, locally sourced food,  and agricultural education in communities that have experienced fresh food apartheid.

 Our purpose-built food justice program begins with a box.

We invite our community members to explore the journey of their fresh, locally sourced food items from seed to stove by engaging in our program. Together, we will close the gap and engage in a community vision for holistic well being for everyone.


Our vision at Plant Based Food Share is to transform our communities that experience the fresh food apartheid. Through complimentary, fresh, locally sourced plant-based food, alongside the context of our local food system, and resources for holistic living, we can bring justice to that have communities historically experienced these gaps.


At Plant Based Food Share we hope to instill a culture focused on sustainable food sourcing, respect for food systems, and advocacy for local food issues such as insecurity, workers rights, and food equity. 

Who We Serve

We support low-income, underserved urban and rural communities who experience food apartheid: African American, Indigenous, Latinx, & BlPOC children, families, elders, veterans, immigrants, people with disabilities, health compromised,  and those in and fleeing from domestic violence relationships.

Our Values

Feed People

By providing plant-based foods to our most vulnerable, we are ensuring that no one in our community will be hungry or without nut

Educate Community

Our work goes beyond food donation, we want to ensure our community is educated on our food system and it's intersection with our health.


We nurture a partnership with our clients, making personal connections to ensure our clients are connected to resources beyond PBFS.

Empower Healthy Living

Connecting our community with gardening resources, recipes, opportunity, and more.